Tuesday, December 18, 2007

MusicBridge 3.0

Today I started work on MusicBridge 3.0. The main planned features revolve around export/import functionality. Giving users the ability to take advantage of MusicBridge syncing across disconnected multiple computers. The functionality will offer the opportunity to export from either iTunes or WMP into a format ready to be imported into either iTunes or WMP. MusicBridge will be required to be installed on each machine. The export/import process will be disconnected and the data will be transferred by means of an XML file that the user will move from one machine to the other.

The process will require a 'similar' structure for the music folders on each machine. It will not require matching absolute paths, but will require filenames and 2 levels of containing folders to match.


Computer A path:
C:\Users\James\Music\iTunes\iTunes Music\Bruce Springsteen\Magic\Last to Die.mp3

Computer B path:
D:\My Music\Bruce Springsteen\Magic\Last to Die.mp3

would match.

The level to which paths must match is "Bruce Springsteen\Magic\Last to Die.mp3"

My current plans are for an "All data" sync only, excluding artwork.

I would like feedback regarding this functionality and whether you would like to see more flexibility in the types of sync and whether you would like to see the inclusion of artwork.

I also welcome any other feature requests.