Monday, November 16, 2009

MusicBridge 3.0 Progress

Don't get too excited but I have added a couple of features to MusicBridge 3.0

- The ability to sync an iTunes and WMP library that are in two physical locations. For this scenario they still must be pointed to by WMP and iTunes on the same machine, but they can be at two different paths.

- The ability to do as above but also for different file extensions. Let's say all your WMP files are .mp3 and all iTunes are .m4a, you can now sync them.

- Playcount merge. This one is a little tricky, so this is what I have done. I have added a funtion in both directions that will ADD the source track palycount to the destination track playcount and then RESET the source track playcount to zero.

Basically now I need to get the big feature that allows a disconnected (cross machine) sync to work and I think MusicBridge 3 may be done. Of course it has taken me a couple of years to do this, but I really am interested in getting version 3 out.

As ever I would like to hear of any other functionality you guys want.