Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Slow Progress

Unfortunately I have decided to look for a new job, the current one just isn't working out for me so this could be good or bad for MusicBridge. I could find another job soon and be a little tied up in that, or I could quit my current job and have plenty of time for devlopment, so we shall see how it goes...

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Anonymous said...

Good luck with looking for new work!
I loved your app when i used xpmce2005 but now im on vista.

I just thought, get media player 11 to monitor my folder that iTunes saves my music in, and all would be fine. Media player then seemed to mess with my tags and files somehow even though I had unchecked everything inoptions. Now media player had lots of albums with missing artwork that i know was in teh file, and some tags are just wrong. To make it worse, some albums just wont play in itunes anymore. they are pointing to the correct file in the xml, but the tracks dont play.

I have now neleted all my music, restored from backup into itunes, and itunes can handle my music again. I am making a seperate copy of some of my most listen to albums in another folder for media player to monkey about with but this takes time sorting the art etc out and wastes space.
I wish we had a music bridge for vista so hopefully you will get employed by somebody who will let you do this in work time!