Monday, June 25, 2007

More playlists

You know sometimes I wonder why I do this. Many of you know I don't actually have a personal need for MusicBridge any more, and even when I did use it I didn't need the playlist sync. I have spent all day trying to make this work nicely, but WMP insists on being difficult especially around the "All Music" playlist. I do it because I enjoy it, and I will get MusicBridge 2.0 out one day.

So I had a choice with how to deal with multiple playlists of the same name which is allowed in WMP. The route I have now taken is that I am suggesting that you not have multiple playlists with the same name and MusicBridge will assume that the first one that it gets returned is the one you want to change, its either that or change them all. There basically is no 'good' way to handle it so I have chosen this route. We shall see if it causes problems in beta testing.

So now I think I have the core functionality pretty solid on Vista and .Net 2.0. I want to improve the error reporting and the logging and then I can move on to the couple of new features that have been requested.

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